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Surviving Redundancy

Redundancy. Retrenchment. Whatever the name, it is a concept that strikes fear into many. The official meaning of redundancy is “the state of being not or no longer needed or useful”. Obviously it is confronting for anyone to be considered no longer needed or useful, let alone excess to requirements to their employer. However, redundancy is happening with greater frequency in workplaces around Australia as businesses restructure, downsize or embrace new technologies to reduce costs. Redundancy is most definitely confronting, whatever the circumstances. But there are ways to approach a possible redundancy to ensure it is a more positive...

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Transitioning from the workplace

Transitioning from the workplace. Yes, there is such a thing. Maybe I’m naive, but I really didn’t think too much about managing my transition from work to home prior to taking the leap and accepting my redundancy. Well, apart from some vague idea of having to revamp my wardrobe accordingly. Obviously a very important consideration but perhaps not THE most important in the scheme of things… My lack of preparation is sort of strange as I had all sorts of plans in place for making the transition to the workplace after having each of my kids. Routines. Timetables. You...

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Taking Back Control

I must confess that I have let the house rule me in recent months. I have let things slide. Routines have given way to chaos. Papers have collected on every available surface. Homework has remained untouched. Part of the rationale for accepting my redundancy lay in having someone at home to try to wrestle control back. Nathan and I recognised years ago that our ideal future involved having at least one of us at home full-time. Both of us working gave us financial security but didn’t give us the time we needed to enjoy being a family. Hence the...

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10 Things We Learned at #PBEvent 2014

#PBEvent 2014 was an overwhelming experience. There was information overload, blogger overload and food overload! There were multiple meet-ups, promotions, competitions and experiences. Not to mention the social media buzz across facebook. twitter, instagram and google+… Nathan and I did our best to soak it all in and try to withstand the onslaught but we still came away with heads swimming and brains buzzing. Despite a divide and conquer strategy (where we split up for most sessions to get as much info first hand as we could) we still had to take a break occasionally to just breathe it...

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Making a Change

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you question everything. You question your decisions. Your values. Your dreams. For me, that time came in March this year when I suffered a stress induced stroke-like episode. It doesn’t really matter what it was. Regardless,┬áit was scary and in an instant it made me take stock of everything in my life. After the initial shock and fear, I was left with a certainty that this was a sign that I could not, should not, ignore. I knew I had been doing too much. For a long time I’ve been juggling...

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