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Prepping for Your Theme Park Adventure

The thought of a holiday at a theme park can overwhelm you with both fear and excitement. The anticipation can be nearly too much too bear – all the rides and the fun and the excitement! But visiting a theme park for the first time can also be a really daunting challenge for some families, particularly those with smaller children or with kids with special needs. However, it doesn’t have to fill you with fear. There are many strategies you can use to ensure your theme park holiday is the stuff of dreams rather than the stuff of nightmares....

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Our Five Year Plan

In Nathan’s post a week or so back he revealed we actually have a long term plan, a plan he likes to call, “four years to freedom”. I think we actually have a five year plan (as the plan culminates in 5 years, in 2020, after the next 4 years of hard work – yes I’m a pedantic wife!) so I wanted to share it with you today in the interests of accountability. And to see whether you agree with me that it’s actually a five year plan… I’ve already shared my┬áplan for 2016, but it is just part...

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5 awesome planning tools I use everyday

This year, in my bid to be more organised and productive, I have embraced a number of planning tools. I’ve never been one to rely on much, other than a notebook and my own noggin when it comes to planning, so this has been a big change for me. But you can’t really become more organised without embracing change, can you? And while I’m still finding my feet with some of these tools, I’ve already found a marked improvement in my focus and productivity in the short time I’ve been using them. Who knows what I’ll be able to...

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2016 SMART goals – February Update

At the beginning of 2016 I set a series of SMART goals for the year ahead. I’ve committed to reviewing my progress each month to keep me on track and this is my update for the month of February. Feel free to check out my January progress too. Personal Run parkrun (5km) in one go, and in under 35 mins, by December. I have undertaken a further 3 parkruns since the beginning of February. My pb for the year is now 38.57, just under 4 mins away from my goal. I’ve been permitted to start jogging intervals in between...

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Learning new skills & putting them into practice

I must confess I love learning but I don’t love paying lots of money for the privilege of adding more information into my already overloaded brain. In the last year since I’ve left the workplace I’ve been eager to learn all I can about running a business, email marketing, monetising blogs, winning over the Google gods, writing better and being more organised. In fact I’ve undertaken more courses in the last 12 months than I did in the previous 5 years combined. It seems I do love learning. I wanted to share some of the best courses I’ve undertaken...

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