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January in Review

January is summer holiday time. You know the drill: hot days, splashing by the beach, sticking to the lounge after eating too much Christmas ham. It is also my longest break from work for the year (five weeks!) and, to top things off, it was the first January ever where neither Kirsty or I had to go to work. It was shaping up to be the summer to end all summers with long sleep-ins, a camping trip and nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company. Now, what is it they say about the best laid plans of mice...

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Dreams With Deadlines

Do you ever find yourself so tired, so busy and so filled with the desire to DO SOMETHING that you end up achieving nothing? That has been me for the last few months. I have found myself caught up in a spiral of frustration and indecision that has resulted in me doing pretty much nothing in terms of my goals, hobbies and even work. What am I frustrated about? What is there to be indecisive about? Nothing major, to tell the truth, which makes it all the more frustrating! I guess it is the normal push-pull of wanting to write,...

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No Such Thing As An Impossible Dream

Last week I wrote about my students leaving and how I felt about it. It was my privilege to make a speech at their graduation assembly. As well as the expected thank you’s and fond reminiscences I wanted to leave my students with something inspiring, and for that I turned to my own high school graduation. When I finished my HSC exams my parents gave me a framed quote by Bryce Courtenay, which still hangs on my study wall: Dream the impossible dream and start walking towards it. On the way you’ll be beaten up, chewed, spat out, mauled, ripped...

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A Letter To My Students

This week was bitter sweet for me. Friday was graduation for the 125 wonderful young adults I have been watching over for the last six years. As their Year Advisor I have been with them since before they began high school and now they are ready to complete their final exams and head out into the big, wide world. I was so proud to see them reach this point, but also incredibly sad at the realisation that our time together was almost over. Indulge me as I write some things I neither had the time to say in my farewell...

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4 Simple Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Until recently my sleep has not been great. I get the hours, but I have been restless and wake up just as tired as I went to bed. Then I implemented these four simple tips that improved my sleep. If you are having trouble with your sleep and want to start waking up feeling rested and rejuvenated after a full night of sleep, try these tips out. Time Your Coffee I’m a writer, so I’m genetically hardwired to run on coffee. It is probable that I could exist for many weeks on caffeine alone, but I have found it just isn’t that...

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