Wanna Go – Nathan’s Top 10 Bucket List

Wanna Go Wednesday is here again and this week we are sharing Nathan’s top 10 bucket list – the places he’s desperate to see, the things he’s gotta do. #WannaGoWednesday is when we share a little visual inspiration for the places we’re dreaming of visiting. Check out more awesome images over at our Pinterest page! Hey there! Here are my top ten places / things I want to do, my “bucket list” if you will. They aren’t in any particular order (after all, how could I choose?). Creating this list was an interesting exercise in self-reflection and I was genuinely surprised by...

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Wanna Go – 7 Stunning Ruins to Explore in Jordan

Wanna Go Wednesday is here and this week we are focused on the ancient ruins of Jordan! Jordan has always been on my ultimate travel wish list, ever since I studied Classics and Ancient History at university. With over 100,000 archaeological and tourist sites to explore, including the famous city of Petra, Jordan combines history, religion, culture and mysticism. Bordered by Saudi Arabia to the east and south, Iraq to the north-east, Syria to the north, and Israel and Palestine to the west, Jordan holds a strategic location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. Given it’s position, the country...

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Wanna Go – 9 Photos of Croatia to Inspire Your Wanderlust

Wanna Go Wednesday is here and this week we are dreaming of Croatia! It was a few years ago now that we heard of this amazing place that seems to combine the very best of everything we love – sandy beaches and sparkling water, rustic villages, friendly locals and more history than you can fill one neatly written journal with. Croatia sits on the Adriatic sea. Its long coastline is filled with magnificent islands and the countryside is dotted with castles, picturesque villages and stunning mountain ranges. #WannaGoWednesday is when we share a little visual inspiration for the places we’re...

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5 Top Tips for the Ultimate Road Trip with Kids

I guess most of us sit in either one of two camps when it comes to road trips. The camp that loves the thought of spending hours in the car, exploring hidden treasures and soaking up the sights. And the camp who would prefer to do pretty much anything else, as long as it prevented them being locked in a moving vehicle for hours on end with the family. Me? I like road trips, despite suffering terrible motion sickness when I was a child. I have amazing memories of the many drives we would take when I was younger....

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7 Essential Tips for Fun Family Cruising

Cruising here in Australia seems to be growing exponentially in popularity every year. It seems that most of my friends have tried a cruise and have enjoyed themselves so much they’ve returned for more! Feeling a little left out, we finally enjoyed a long overdue family cruise around the Western Caribbean last year as part of #ourUSAadventure and it was a revelation. We sailed with Royal Caribbean International and their staff could not do enough to help make our experience a memorable one (for all the right reasons!) While we are still relative newbies when it comes to cruising...

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