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When I was a kid my Dad would work long hours and travel all over the state for his work. Sometimes he would be away for several days at a time. When he came home he would spend long hours working on our small farm, ensuring the fences were up to scratch, the olive orchard was cared for and our livestock were healthy. I grew up knowing that hard work, often long hours of it, was necessary to prepare your future and a comfortable retirement. I grew up knowing that sacrifices sometimes had to be made in order to...

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A Little Perspective

Yesterday I purchased the Smarter Happier domain and today I was going to write a first post. This is not the post I had planned to write. Yesterday I was going to explain how I wasn’t enjoying my job and I was looking for something that allowed more creative freedom. Yesterday I was going to share with you how busy our life is, with both my wife and I working and raising three children. Yesterday I was going to draw an outline (in broad, crayon strokes) of my plan to work smarter towards a happier life. Then, today, my...

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