8 Hours in Orlando International Airport

An airport might be a weird place to gush about, but Orlando International Airport is almost a destination in itself. As someone who once spent eight hours there – with kids – I can tell you it sure beats being stuck at some other airports! I once spent an entire day in a Japanese airport, and not on the interesting, exciting side of the gates, where all the strangeness lives and the whole place looks like a left over set from the film BladeRunner. (Well, that’s how I remember my first late-night wander through Tokyo airport). No, I spent an entire day...

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An Email from Lima

I was thinking of the places in the world I would like to visit (Yes, I do this often. Yes, it’s a long list. No, it’s not getting any shorter.) when I remembered an email I once received from my Dad who was visiting Lima at the time. He has this habit of gallivanting across the countryside (and further afield, like South America). Nobody’s told him he’s my Dad and old and stuff… Anyway, I was really quite jealous of his adventure and wrote this little piece about it. I did not go to Lima. My Dad did and that is perhaps...

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Paris: Why One Visit Isn’t Enough

I first visited Paris as a starry eyed 14 year old on a month-long European choral tour. To say that I was blown away by the overwhelming sense of history, culture, architecture and style of the city would be a massive understatement. I had never seen anything so grand or visually stunning on such a huge scale before. To be honest, I spent my whole month away in utter awe of everything I saw before me. For a girl from Maitland NSW, touring the great cities of Europe was something from a fairytale. It was beyond belief or true...

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My Favourite Disney World Gluten Free Treats

I’m going to make this short and sweet (mmmm…. sweet….). Here are my five favourite Disney World gluten free treats. Now, in my defence, and before you start claiming I missed the “best one” or whatever, I didn’t try every single option. I sure as hell tried, but I am only one man and I put on enough weight as it is! As far as I am concerned, Disney World’s catering to gluten free diets is one of the best things about visiting (as well as the atmosphere, cast members, rides, accommodation, etc). I’ve been living with coeliacs disease...

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Postcard from Santa Monica Pier, LA

Santa Monica Pier was one of the first places we visited on our trip to Los Angeles (after the Hollywood walk of fame!). This iconic spot is right on the beach and has its own fairground filled with all kinds of classic sideshow amusements. As we rode the ferris wheel we all looked out over the Pacific Ocean and imagined what everyone was doing back home. Then, moments later, a gust of wind blew the hats right off Kirsty and Delilah’s heads! There were a few moments of tears (no, not mine), but by some miracle someone had found Delilah’s precious...

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