Building your community #pbevent2015 -

The second session at #pbevent 2015 was another keynote, presented with passion by Jadah Sellner from Simple Green Smoothies. (BTW don’t forget to check out our summary of the first session.)

Jadah is all about building, nurturing and serving her community. She is also dedicated to encouraging others to close the gap between their dreams and reality. Although she did caution against following your dreams if they compromise your health and relationships – in this case they are simply not sustainable.

Her steps to achieving your dreams? Step 1, say them out loud, like an affirmation. Then, in step 2, take, what she calls, imperfect action. Everyone starts at zero. Put your dream out there and let the world decide if it’s viable. Look at failure as feedback. Just give it a go.

Jadah’s blueprint for building a community is simple – ATTRACT, NURTURE and SERVE your fans:

  • Understand what you want to be known for and be consistent, focused and driven in achieving that aim.
  • Know who you are most excited to serve. Develop a dream client and talk directly to them in your email communication, blog posts and newsletters.
  • Make your free opt-in BETTER than someone else’s paid offer.
  • Sell transformation to your community – ask yourself “what’s one life-changing result you could teach your audience, right now?”
  • Social media is where the party is so give your readers the content they are looking for where they interact with you.
  • Start moving people to action – stop pushing people to products.
  • You can’t outsource authenticity  and you can’t automate connection. Be real. Be authentic. Love and delight your community.
  • Always remember serving is greater than building.
  • Love your community and serve it faithfully.

I’ll expand on a few of these points below:


The idea of not keeping all your content on your blog is almost sacrilege for most bloggers. Isn’t the whole purpose of interacting on social media to get people TO your blog? Well Jadah Sellner turned this thinking on it’s head with her keynote on Day 1.

She used the analogy of a party to explain her position. Imagine your social media platform is the party. That’s where everyone is hanging out and having fun. Then you want to take them home, to your blog, to get comfy there.

But wait, you also want to get them to your bedroom (your email list) AND give you their email details? All on your first meeting? That may be too much for some partygoers.

Instead, Jadah suggested we give them the content they are after on the platform of their choice. Don’t drag them away from the party where they are comfortable. Gain their trust, nurture the connection and give them value.

In the same vein, once they are comfortable, consider a great value opt-in as a first date – the reason to get them home to your blog and to get them to share their email address. She advised making your free opt in better than someone else’s paid offer to hook them in and give them a compelling reason to give you their details.

For Jadah it’s all about selling transformation to your community by building relationships. A great way to do this is to ask them what they are struggling with the most right now. Then you can start meeting this need and inspire transformation. This where the profit is.

She cited the example of Simple Green Smoothie’s original email opt-in – a free recipe book. It did well but when they upped their game and made the opt-in a 30 day green smoothie challenge instead, it was a far more powerful lure for people. It wasn’t just a product – it gave transformation to their community. And their community loved it.

One of my favourite quotes from this part of her talk: A business has paying customers. A brand has ambassadors.

Our takeaway: You want to attract people who will be more than just customers – you want them to be ambassadors for your brand. To do this, you need to inspire and interact with your community. Challenge them. Inspire them. Transform their lives.


Once you’ve attracted your community you need to nurture them, to keep them with you and to grow.

Jadah advised that you should celebrate and connect with your community in order to nurture it. Always be authentic.

Remember you can’t outsource authenticity. And you can’t automate connection. Don’t be afraid to be you. Express more of who you really are and let your community get to know you.

Love and delight your community. Surprise them.

Respond, interact, support and enjoy your community. Never leave a comment behind – acknowledge each and every one.

Another one of my favourite quotes: In the end it’s not about how great you are – it’s about how great you make others feel.

Our takeaway: Your community is more than just you. Don’t take them for granted. Celebrate, interact, engage and surprise them. Make them feel great and want to come back for more.


Jadah noted that serving your community is greater than building it. She reminded us we are actually in the business to serve.

Get to know your community. Get excited about who you serve.

Love your community and serve it faithfully.

And possibly EVERYONE’S favourite quote of the entire keynote: I am a glowstick. I need to break before I can shine.

We found Jadah’s keynote really very inspiring. Yet there are a lot of practical tips to take away from it as well.

Our takeaway: In the end, if you want to build communities and, perhaps down the track, sell to them, you need to remain authentic, community centred and grateful.

I think that’s sound advice for everyone really.

Did you attend #pbevent 2015? What did you take away from Jadah’s keynote?