Over the last few weeks a quiet evolution (or revolution, if you will) has been unfolding in the Russell household.

We have dared to ditch carbs.

I never honestly thought I could do it. There was a time, pre-coeliac diagnosis, when I would live on bread, biscuits and pasta. I especially loved soaking up gravy or sauce at the end of a meal with a beautifully soft and fresh piece of bread. I can still remember how it tasted and smelt and felt in my hand…

Once coeliac disease came into our lives, we tried the GF alternatives but they are just not the same. Especially bread – soft and fresh are not adjectives you would use to describe gluten free bread! But still we soldiered on using GF pasta, rice and other gluten free alternative carbs in our heavy meals, just as we always did, even though we both continued to feel bloated afterwards.

A month or so back, we reviewed our diet and sought some professional guidance. It was recommended to us that we cut out carbs and follow a Paleo diet for the next few months to assist with our weight and general health and wellbeing.

Changing our diet - paleo style

Paleo has a bit of a bad name at the moment but it really is the most natural way of eating. We have been advised not to buy something if it has a use-by date – so we are eating fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of protein in meat, eggs and nuts. No rice, no pasta, no potato, no bread, no sauces, no alcohol, no tea and coffee (well, the occasional one but nowhere near as much as we used to!)

It has been a struggle at times to find different ways to prepare vegetables and salads so they are not always the same but we both feel so much better for ditching carbs. Yes, we have also both started to lose a little weight too, but the big surprise has been just how much we are enjoying good, wholesome food. And just how much we are NOT missing carbs 🙂

On the odd occasion where we have agreed to have a small slice of cake at a function or have been forced to veer from our diet when out and about, we have definitely noticed the difference. It is almost a relief to go back home and get stuck into a fresher alternative again.

Seriously, who are we?

It will be interesting to see what other benefits are derived as we continue our Paleo adventure. For now, I’m looking forward to knocking up a salad to have with the pork roast I cooked last night, complete with apples…yum!

Have you tried to limit or eliminate carbs? How did it work for you? Have you been able to continue with this long term?

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