Dreams With DeadlinesDo you ever find yourself so tired, so busy and so filled with the desire to DO SOMETHING that you end up achieving nothing? That has been me for the last few months. I have found myself caught up in a spiral of frustration and indecision that has resulted in me doing pretty much nothing in terms of my goals, hobbies and even work.

What am I frustrated about? What is there to be indecisive about? Nothing major, to tell the truth, which makes it all the more frustrating! I guess it is the normal push-pull of wanting to write, pursue my hobbies, spend time with the kids, catch up with friends and complete the steadily growing body of work that I have had to bring home. I look at all these options and instead of making a decision and getting on with things I fall in front of the TV, diddle away time on FaceBook or find some other mindless distraction. Of course, with this procrastination comes guilt, and so the spiral continues.

The answer, obviously, is just to get on with it, pick something and do it. Prioritise things, do the stuff that I will feel most guilty about avoiding, then move on to something else. This is easier said than done, but I am trying! As part of that effort I am setting myself small, achievable short-term goals – a couple for each week. What I need to do is identify my dreams (the things I want to achieve) and set specific deadlines to get them done.

Being a fan of accountability, my plan is to lay out these “dreams with deadlines” at the start of each week, and check in at the end of the week. That way I have to own up to when I have slacked off, and can celebrate when I am successful. To increase my chances of success I have some rules for setting my goals.

My weekly goals need to be:

  • Achievable over the course of the week
  • Aligned with one of my bigger goals (I’ll write more about these soon), and
  • Be achievable by me (not reliant on the actions of someone else).

So, this week’s Dreams with Deadlines are:

  • Write a blog post about one of my bigger goals.
  • Complete all the marking and other work I have been dragging home.

If I can accomplish both of these things it will take a lot of pressure off. They are things that have been niggling at me, making me feel guilty and generally causing me some degree of frustration.

Do you suffer from this horrible cycle of indecision, avoidance, guilt and frustration? Do you just get in and do stuff, or do you put it off? What are your goals for the week?