At an important time in their lives, Adam Baker and his family asked a simple question of themselves – what does freedom really mean, for them?

What does freedom mean to you?

The answer led them to change their life. If you ask yourself the same question, it could change your life too.

For Adam and his wife, freedom represented selling their possessions, paying off their debts and travelling the world. As they decluttered their life, they felt lighter and discovered life is too important to waste working in a job you don’t enjoy just to repay debt for things you don’t really need.

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we aspire to live a happier and more meaningful life. That is the reason we are here, sharing our experiences and our learnings. To say this TEDx talk resonated with us would be a huge understatement. Because we have been essentially asking ourselves this very question over the last year – what does freedom mean to us?

The answer goes something like this: we are working towards being able to draw an income from our own businesses so we no longer have to work outside the home. Freedom to us is not being tied to a location. It’s being able to travel and explore and live a full and meaningful life without being tied to a location or to a job.

Adam’s talk is well worth a view as he also makes some very valid points about our obsession with consumerism and debt and having lots of stuff.  I feel a spring clean coming on around here again…

So, what does freedom look like to you?