I have confessed before that I am not the best at time management or at self-organisation. I have always struggled with prioritising and getting everything done in an orderly fashion.

I know what I should be doing but I never quite get there in the most efficient manner.

So I fall further and further behind. And then I find myself calling for panic stations in a desperate bid to turn things around.

Ever since I left my office job to work from home, I’ve known that scheduling my time would be an important tool in boosting my productivity. I knew it was going to be the key to being successful in my new business.

But it has taken me a lot longer than expected to get to the point of actually setting up a schedule.

Sure, I faced several personal challenges last year that did not help my bid to be organised. But I have a sneaking suspicion that a part of me just didn’t want to stick to a schedule at all. So I kept putting it off.

However, after looking back at the last year and seeing how little progress I had actually made, I finally realised I could put it off no longer.

I needed to embrace life scheduling.

So I did. As part of setting my SMART goals for 2016, I established a series of Google Calendars that work with each other to schedule and manage my life and my many commitments.

After years of denial, I have finally embraced life scheduling and I've found that it really does work for me. Do you schedule your life too?

Each day is scheduled from the moment I wake up at 6am.

Before school there are multiple 15 minute time periods so all my time is accounted for. These tasks include all the things I need to do to get the kids ready for school, get myself ready for the day and the house in some sort of order before I leave.

Exercise is scheduled. Physio and other appointments are scheduled. Housework, errands, shopping and budgeting are scheduled every Wednesday (except this Wednesday – I have a course to attend!). And daily household tasks have their dedicated time too.

After years of denial, I have finally embraced life scheduling and I've found that it really does work for me. Do you schedule your life too?

I must admit it was painful in the extreme to take the time to account for all my time and find the optimal ways to schedule my life.

  • it was hard to accept that I had previously been wasting so much time
  • it was tedious to go through my day in so much detail in order to come up with a schedule
  • it was daunting to look at everything I had to fit in and work out a way to make it all happen
  • it was hard to start living to a schedule after years of doing just as I pleased, whenever I pleased.

Initially, I found it REALLY hard to stick to my schedule. I must confess there have been days where I have not stuck to the plan. And there have been other days where unexpected things have come up that I could not possibly account for.

However, it’s obvious that I haven’t been anywhere near as productive on those days where I haven’t stuck to my schedule.

So, for me, life scheduling clearly works.

Life scheduling is not an easy thing to do. But now that I finally have a schedule in place, I can’t imagine ever going back to my previous disorganised existence.

Have you discovered life scheduling? Have you found it has helped you too?