When I was a kid my Dad would work long hours and travel all over the state for his work. Sometimes he would be away for several days at a time. When he came home he would spend long hours working on our small farm, ensuring the fences were up to scratch, the olive orchard was cared for and our livestock were healthy. I grew up knowing that hard work, often long hours of it, was necessary to prepare your future and a comfortable retirement. I grew up knowing that sacrifices sometimes had to be made in order to secure a better future for your family.

Lifestyle entrepreneurs have a different world view. They see a world of possibilities where they can create a business they are passionate about that fits around their lifestyle. They are not a slave to their business, but work intelligently on things they enjoy in order to draw an income for a lifestyle they can take pleasure in.

Some lifestyle entrepreneurs are looking to retire early, or engage in short but regular “mini retirements” between periods of work. Others start businesses based on hobbies or special interests so they can truly combine business with pleasure. Yet others just want to find a balance between the time they put into business and the time the spend with family, friends or pursuing their interests.

Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is about deciding what you want and why.

Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is about deciding what you want and why.

Why I Am A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I want to spend more time with my wife and kids and that is why I am seeking to redesign my lifestyle. As I explained in yesterday’s post, my wife and I need to change the way we live. We need to find ways to increase the time we spend with our children and together, as a whole family. We need to reorganise the way we work in order to better support each other and strengthen our relationship.

When my son was born I had just finished my teaching degree but my wife and I decided it would be best if I stayed at home and looked after him when she returned to work. I spent almost four years at home with my son and later our first daughter. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time bonding with the kids and grow as a family, but I was slowly going mad with the lack of contact with other adults and an in ability to pursue my own professional or creative goals. It is funny how things are beginning to come full circle and my wife and I look for opportunities to return to something more like that time.

In hindsight those years at home with the kids would have been the perfect time to undertake our lifestyle design journey. Back then, however, I did not have the skills, knowledge or understanding necessary to really make it a success. Now we are going to give it a go again. We aren’t going to jump in the depend or anything – we will ease ourselves into a new and exciting life of relationships, entrepreneurship and (hopefully) a little less stress. I will be sharing the journey here, on Smarter Happier.