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The key to happiness in this modern world is all about embracing family life – the messy with the fun, the happy with the sad and the relaxing with the exhausting. It’s a roller coaster, but the good kind that leaves you with butterflies in your stomach and a rush of adrenaline. What’s the point of all the hard work we put in, if we don’t take time out to enjoy the rewards. Our kids and loved ones, our pets, home and garden – these are the things we live for, aren’t they? Enjoy our stories and share your own, ask questions and seek inspiration for making your family life happier. Kids, parents and everyone else is sure to benefit.

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Our Five Year Plan

In Nathan's post a week or so back he revealed we actually have a long term plan, a plan he likes to call, "four years to freedom". I think we actually have a five year plan (as the plan culminates in 5 years, in 2020, after the next 4 years of hard work - yes I'm a...

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How to make freakin’ awesome soft chicken tacos

Early last year I had the opportunity to try out the full range of Steggles turkey products. Apart from eating a freezer-full of turkey for 4 months it also involved trying out one of their recipes. Surprisingly it went really well! Fast forward 12 months and I was...

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What does freedom mean to you?

At an important time in their lives, Adam Baker and his family asked a simple question of themselves - what does freedom really mean, for them? The answer led them to change their life. If you ask yourself the same question, it could change your life too. For Adam and...

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Changing our diet – Paleo style

Over the last few weeks a quiet evolution (or revolution, if you will) has been unfolding in the Russell household. We have dared to ditch carbs. I never honestly thought I could do it. There was a time, pre-coeliac diagnosis, when I would live on bread, biscuits and...

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Benefits of pet ownership for families

I don't recall many times where there wasn't a dog in our backyard when I was young. From my earliest memory there was always a benevolent furry presence who could always be drawn on to play. There were always bones carefully placed in strategic parts of the garden. I...

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