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The key to happiness in this modern world is all about embracing family life – the messy with the fun, the happy with the sad and the relaxing with the exhausting. It’s a roller coaster, but the good kind that leaves you with butterflies in your stomach and a rush of adrenaline. What’s the point of all the hard work we put in, if we don’t take time out to enjoy the rewards. Our kids and loved ones, our pets, home and garden – these are the things we live for, aren’t they? Enjoy our stories and share your own, ask questions and seek inspiration for making your family life happier. Kids, parents and everyone else is sure to benefit.

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Outsource Your Chores

Everyone has chores they hate doing, whether it is washing the car, ironing, cleaning or even cooking. Sometimes they're jobs that you and you alone have to do. But what about the rest? Is it worth your while to get someone else to do your unwanted chores? Would you...

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Road Not Taken

I am sure many of you are familiar with Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken". I love the steady pace of the poem, like  the words themselves are taking a stroll through golden woods. It has a comforting tone that is nostalgic but not, in my mind at least,...

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The Struggle of Parenthood

"The central struggle of parenthood is to let our hopes for our children outweigh our fears." This quote by Ellen Goodman is so true. I often find myself worrying about the "what ifs" and being a real helicopter parent. Then, my brain steps back and I worry about the...

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This Is Why I Must Change My Life

Let's just take a moment to look at one of many notes my daughter has written me recently. Her spelling is not brilliant, but the message is pretty clear: "I love you Daddy, even though you are grumpy." To be honest, that's a pretty tough message to get from your 8...

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Hospitals Can Bring Joy

Today I am linking up with my wife's blog and her weekly I Must Confess. This week's confession topic is "most memorable hospital visit" which I told her was a pretty horrible topic. Then I thought about MY most memorable hospital trips and I could hardly remember any...

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A Beach Respite

Today Kirsty and I took some time out for ourselves by going to the beach, having a swim and then enjoying tapas on the Honeysuckle foreshore.          Today I am linking up with My Little Drummer...

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