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The key to happiness in this modern world is all about embracing family life – the messy with the fun, the happy with the sad and the relaxing with the exhausting. It’s a roller coaster, but the good kind that leaves you with butterflies in your stomach and a rush of adrenaline. What’s the point of all the hard work we put in, if we don’t take time out to enjoy the rewards. Our kids and loved ones, our pets, home and garden – these are the things we live for, aren’t they? Enjoy our stories and share your own, ask questions and seek inspiration for making your family life happier. Kids, parents and everyone else is sure to benefit.

family life

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Honesty Brings Happiness

Honesty Brings Happiness

Today, for the first time in a long time, I was honest about how I was feeling. Now, I just feel better. I took my wife to the Doctor as a follow-up to what happened Friday afternoon.

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