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Every family is different, but we can all have a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle!


“Working smarter, living happier” is our motto and we want to help you create a lifestyle like ours. Living a more fulfilling, healthy and happier life isn’t an impossible dream. You really can create a lifestyle with purpose. Spending quality time with the kids; keeping on top of household budgets; prioritising the important stuff. These are just some of the things we explore. So grab a cuppa, sit down and come on a journey with us.

Our Latest Lifestyle Articles

Setting Goals For Success

Today I have been thinking about setting goals. Goals are desired results that you plan for and work towards; they help give you purpose and set a direction for your energy and focus. They are the things you want to achieve, the desires that drive you, the passions...

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

When I was a kid my Dad would work long hours and travel all over the state for his work. Sometimes he would be away for several days at a time. When he came home he would spend long hours working on our small farm, ensuring the fences were up to scratch, the olive...

A Little Perspective

Yesterday I purchased the Smarter Happier domain and today I was going to write a first post. This is not the post I had planned to write. Yesterday I was going to explain how I wasn't enjoying my job and I was looking for something that allowed more creative freedom....

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