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Every family is different, but we can all have a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle!


“Working smarter, living happier” is our motto and we want to help you create a lifestyle like ours. Living a more fulfilling, healthy and happier life isn’t an impossible dream. You really can create a lifestyle with purpose. Spending quality time with the kids; keeping on top of household budgets; prioritising the important stuff. These are just some of the things we explore. So grab a cuppa, sit down and come on a journey with us.

Our Latest Lifestyle Articles

10 ways to take control of your email right now

Hands up if you struggle with your emails. C'mon - be honest. Do you have an overflowing inbox? Do you find yourself deleting most of your emails without even opening them? Do you send unread emails into folders for reading 'later' and 'later' never arrives? My hand...

How to make freakin’ awesome soft chicken tacos

Early last year I had the opportunity to try out the full range of Steggles turkey products. Apart from eating a freezer-full of turkey for 4 months it also involved trying out one of their recipes. Surprisingly it went really well! Fast forward 12 months and I was...

Confessions of a Gym Virgin (part 1)

Gyms - they're not just a place for buff guys with arms like logs and gals with a penchant for lycra to hang out. Normal people go there and its kinda normal. This may not be news to you, but it sure was to me. Three moths ago I stepped into a gym for the first time....

Update on my transition from the workplace

Last year I wrote a post detailing the early stage of my transition from working in an office to working for myself at home. After not really thinking about a need to properly plan a transition process, I found myself needing to more seriously look at the change in my...

What does freedom mean to you?

At an important time in their lives, Adam Baker and his family asked a simple question of themselves - what does freedom really mean, for them? The answer led them to change their life. If you ask yourself the same question, it could change your life too. For Adam and...

January in Review

January is summer holiday time. You know the drill: hot days, splashing by the beach, sticking to the lounge after eating too much Christmas ham. It is also my longest break from work for the year (five weeks!) and, to top things off, it was the first January ever...

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