Being aware of our wellbeing, and able to act to improve it when necessary, is an essential part of living a happier life. Our personal happiness is linked to our physical, mental and spiritual health. For some it is ensuring healthy meals are dished up to the family. Others need to work out. Still others work on their connection to community. Fitness. Giving. Gratitude. Connectedness. Mindfulness. These are all parts of ensuring our personal wellbeing, and that of our families. We are always looking for ways to improve our family’s wellness, whether that be through family activities, inventive meal choices, or taking time out to appreciate what is around us. An awareness of our physical, mental and spiritual needs is an essential part of living a smarter, happier life. Join us on this journey to improve our happiness.

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No Such Thing As An Impossible Dream

Last week I wrote about my students leaving and how I felt about it. It was my privilege to make a speech at their graduation assembly. As well as the expected thank you's and fond reminiscences I wanted to leave my students with something inspiring, and for that I...

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4 Simple Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Until recently my sleep has not been great. I get the hours, but I have been restless and wake up just as tired as I went to bed. Then I implemented these four simple tips that improved my sleep. If you are having trouble with your sleep and want to start waking up...

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Making a Change

There comes a time in everyone's life where you question everything. You question your decisions. Your values. Your dreams. For me, that time came in March this year when I suffered a stress induced stroke-like episode. It doesn't really matter what it was....

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All That Jazz

When I was a teen I played the cornet - it's kind of like a trumpet, all brass and loud. Mine is silver with a stylised flower etched into it. I played it from about the age of 11, however when I was around 15 years old our band master had retired. He was one of those...

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Today’s Life Affirming Moment

In life we deal with tough moments. They spring up at you out of the blue, surprise, shock and horrify you. They are different for each of us, but they are the kind of thing that has the potential to change us for better or worse. When Kirsty had her "turn" it rocked...

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If You Are Going To Commit, Commit

For the second year in a row I managed to get to exactly NO sessions of the Newcastle Writers Festival (NWF). Now last year I had a vague idea it was coming up and then completely forgot about it until after the event. In fact, I think I might not have even be in...

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