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Digital lifestyle. Working from home. Entrepreneurship. Whatever you call it, working online is the path we are following to escape the daily grind and take control of our lives – and you can too! Are you interested in blogging, content marketing, the digital lifestyle or just making a little side money on the internet? Whether you don’t have a clue what any of those words mean, or you have been working online and crushing it for a while, we can help you out with advice, tips and stories from our own personal journey.

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Struggling with focus

I must confess that I am struggling with focus at the moment, in all facets of my life. Ever since we returned from the US I have been flitting from one thing to another, trying to find THE ONE thing that I want to do for the foreseeable future. I must confess that I...

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Three Undeniable Truths of Blogging

While away on #ourUSAadventure I undertook an inadvertent experiment on my other blog, My Home Truths. Originally, I had decided to write and schedule 26 posts on both blogs to cover the time that we would be away - I figured it would be handy to have fresh content...

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5 unexpected benefits of working from home

Before I took the plunge and started working from home, I admit I had a romanticised view of what it would entail. I was picturing leisurely breakfasts, being able to stay in my pjs all day, firing up the computer whenever I wished and generally kicking back and...

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I am a writer

A couple of years back I wrote a post at My Home Truths where I declared, after two years of blogging, that I was not a writer. I was happy to call myself a blogger but the title of writer did not sit well with me. Back then I held no real ambitions to take my blog...

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Update on my transition from the workplace

Last year I wrote a post detailing the early stage of my transition from working in an office to working for myself at home. After not really thinking about a need to properly plan a transition process, I found myself needing to more seriously look at the change in my...

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