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Digital lifestyle. Working from home. Entrepreneurship. Whatever you call it, working online is the path we are following to escape the daily grind and take control of our lives – and you can too! Are you interested in blogging, content marketing, the digital lifestyle or just making a little side money on the internet? Whether you don’t have a clue what any of those words mean, or you have been working online and crushing it for a while, we can help you out with advice, tips and stories from our own personal journey.

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January in Review

January is summer holiday time. You know the drill: hot days, splashing by the beach, sticking to the lounge after eating too much Christmas ham. It is also my longest break from work for the year (five weeks!) and, to top things off, it was the first January ever...

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I’m Struggling to Work From Home

I've been having some rather strange and restless nights lately. Weird and wonderful dreams dance around my brain, making it impossible to sleep soundly. More often than not they revolve around my old workplace and involve various scenarios where I find myself having...

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Surviving Redundancy

Redundancy. Retrenchment. Whatever the name, it is a concept that strikes fear into many. The official meaning of redundancy is "the state of being not or no longer needed or useful". Obviously it is confronting for anyone to be considered no longer needed or useful,...

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Transitioning from the workplace

Transitioning from the workplace. Yes, there is such a thing. Maybe I'm naive, but I really didn't think too much about managing my transition from work to home prior to taking the leap and accepting my redundancy. Well, apart from some vague idea of having to revamp...

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Taking Back Control

I must confess that I have let the house rule me in recent months. I have let things slide. Routines have given way to chaos. Papers have collected on every available surface. Homework has remained untouched. Part of the rationale for accepting my redundancy lay in...

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10 Things We Learned at #PBEvent 2014

#PBEvent 2014 was an overwhelming experience. There was information overload, blogger overload and food overload! There were multiple meet-ups, promotions, competitions and experiences. Not to mention the social media buzz across facebook. twitter, instagram and...

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