So it’s time to make all those obligatory resolutions for the new year. You know the deal – we have a drink, have a think and end up making completely unrealistic promises to ourselves just because of an arbitrary date on our calendar. Or it could just be the booze – it can be hard to tell sometimes…

In past years I have jumped on the bandwagon and have made various resolutions, most of which have fallen by the wayside. I’ve always looked optimistically at the new year ahead, all shiny and full of possibilities before me and have truly believed that I could change. That I could lose weight, improve my diet, spend more time with my kids, stress less, go to the gym, see my parents more, etc, etc.

The only resolution that has truly stuck (and which has burned bright for all other subsequent resolutions) was the one I made in late 2010 to start blogging. A very rare and lucky marriage of resolution and execution that I’m still enjoying today!

Ever since that fateful resolution I have been hopeful and committed for a time to my new resolutions before inevitably leaving them behind in early February once normal life resumes. It’s the same sorry tale each and every year.

But this year is different. This year I am resolving to not make new resolutions just to welcome in a new year or as a by-product of alcohol.

No new year resolutions

This year I don’t feel the same need to draw a line in the sand for the new year, unlike in previous years. With my change in career direction only a few months back I feel that I have already drawn that line.

Instead of establishing new goals, aspirations and resolutions I need to keep working towards the same goals I set in September. So, in lieu of setting new goals I will re-affirm my existing ones instead.

Professionally – I want to be fulfilled, productive and happy. It’s pretty simple really. I want to build up the audience here by writing more useful posts based on our experience in adapting to one income and trying to build an income stream from home. I am committed to making my life, as well as yours, smarter AND happier.

Personally – I want to be happy, relaxed and calm. No real biggies there. I am working on my time management and prioritisation skills so I can better balance the demands of work and of home. We want to travel to the US and take the family to Disney World in Florida. I want to take advantage of the opportunity to be at home and spend more time with the kids and with Nathan.

These goals represent both the past and the future. They are the reason for, as well as the result of, everything that occurred last year – most significantly my health scare and my redundancy. These commitments do not mark a new direction or spur of the moment resolution. Instead they are the culmination of years of consideration and months of deliberation.

Most importantly these goals are all achievable – in fact I am already on my way with most of them.

So tell me – have you made resolutions for the coming year? If not, do you have plans or goals instead?