One year ago I was running around like a chook with it’s head cut off. Working 25 hours a week out of the home, managing staff and providing organisational wide advice.

One year ago, I was juggling work, parenthood, special needs care, housework and a myriad of appointments.

One year ago, I was struggling with the many needs of my son. As a consequence I had trouble dealing with the needs of my daughters too, who often missed out on the one-on-one attention they deserved.

One year ago, I was not coping with much at all. I was deeply unsatisfied with my treadmill-like existence, not happy with the limited and rushed interactions I was constantly having with my children and with my husband.

One year ago, my husband had an idea for a blog to help others work smarter to live a happier life. He had a dream to make an income from home and find a healthier work life balance.

One year ago, I landed in hospital after a suspected mini-stroke (TIA). During the sixth appointment of the week with my son, I had felt the left side of my face droop and experienced muscle weakness and numbness down the left hand side of my body.

One year ago, I was held in hospital for observation, scared out of my mind and terrified of what was to become of me.

One Year Ago my life changed

One year ago, I could not have imagined that I would be working from home today. I would never have believed that I would have already earned a small income from writing.

One year ago, I would never have considered leaving the safety and security of paid work. I would not have had the courage or the desire to challenge myself away from the office and chase my dreams.

One year ago, I was deeply unhappy, overwhelmed and stressed to the eyeballs. I was running on empty.

One year ago, I had no expectations for the future, apart from just wanting to get through it as painlessly as possible.

However, one year ago tomorrow, in a strange way, I was set free. I was put on a different path and challenged to re-evaluate everything that I held dear.

Funnily enough, amidst the worst day of my life, one year ago, I finally started to find myself.

On March 7 2014 I began my transformation into a confident person who began to truly value herself and her skills. I began to share my husband’s dream for a different future, not tied to a single office, occupation or location.

Today I am on a different path and living a different life to the one I was one year ago.

And I would not change my current situation for the world.

What were you doing/feeling/desiring/lamenting/attempting to do one year ago today (or tomorrow)?

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