Kirsty and I are flying to the sunny Gold Coast on Thursday to take part in our first ProBlogger Event. To say I am a little excited is an understatement! Not only do we get to meet a bunch of great bloggers, a few inspirational folk who I may-or-may-not have been stalking on the internet (Pat Flynn; Chris Ducker; Darren Rowse!), but we also get a guilt-free weekend away from the kids at a luxury hotel! Woohoo!

I have been thinking about what to pack. I have given some thought to clothes (I’ve narrowed it down to pants and shirts), but my real interest has been in how many of what gadgets and accessories I should bring! I typically over-pack this kind of stuff, lug it around all day and never use it. This time round, though, I want to make sure my hands are free so I can give business cards (our Moo cards are so cool!) and shake hands!

Here is what I am confident I will bring:


I’ll need something to carry my stuff around in, and what better than a stylish satchel! I picked up my awesome leather satchel on a visit to Melbourne a few years ago and I love it! I can fit my iPad, phone, notepad and a bunch of snacks in it. It isn’t really big enough to fit a jumper or water bottle, but as I won’t be leaving the QT, I don’t perceive this as being a problem!


No brainer really – it’s practically glued to me anyway. I spend far too much time checkin my Facebook and Twitter (is there a word for someone that has too many Twitter accounts?). Obviously, it’s camera is good for a few quick snaps, and the addition of a voice recorder app will mean I don’t need to pack a separate digital recorder!


Not only can it do everything the iPhone can, but it’s very easy to take notes with it – that means I don’t need to pack a notebook. I can also download copies of all the important docs, like the PB Event handbook, so I don’t have to lug them around with me all day.


I only picked this up a few days ago, and I am loving it. A Grid-It is basically a rectangular board with heaps (yes, heaps!) of elastic straps on it. You can stuff all the odds-and-ends that normally float around in pockets or bottoms of bags into it, making it all very easy to get at very quickly. It’s kind of like an inside-out purse that you don’t have to rummage around in. Mine is the “small” size, but fits my phone, keys, snacks, comb, pens, recharger, business cards, throat lozenges, and chocolate snacks! The best thing is I can grab it out of one bag and stick it into another as easily as I might with a notebook – so no more need to double up on stuff for different bags, or worry about forgetting to pack something.

Business Cards

We were very excited to get our free Moo business cards last week. They are really good quality. I have bought business cards from all kinds of companies, but these are some of the best. I really love the “infiniprint” option that allows you to different images on the back of cards. We chose to put some inspiring phrases on the back of the Smarter Happier cards. Ask us for one when we see you at ProBlogger!

So, that is my list of “definitely taking” to PB Event. Did I miss anything? What are you going to be taking with you day-to-day?