Goals Q2 2014Last week I wrote about setting goals and how to do it the SMART way.  Today I added a spot on my homepage sidebar to list my goals for the next three months. There are 8, which is more than I would ideally like to be striving for at any one time, but when you are at the very start of something (such as changing your life so that you can live smarter and happier) you need to front load things a bit. I thought I would take a bit of time to break them down a bit and explain what my goals are.

Write at least 3 blog posts a week

Smarter Happier is a new blog and I want to make it useful, interesting and entertaining for visitors. In an ideal world I would love to write a post a day for the next three+ months, but I need to make sure my goals are realistic and ACHIEVABLE (remember those SMART goals?).

Take the kids on a road trip

Not an epic odyssey, just a weekend in the car heading west (or north, or south I suppose!). Kirsty and I have talked a lot about taking the kids out to my old stomping ground of Mudgee, or to Dubbo’s Western Plains Zoo, or the Parkes Radio Telescope (Gilbert, our oldest, is into astronomy in a big way).

Finish draft of my next book

I have written a number of roleplaying games and I have been promising fans of my most successful game to do a new and improved edition. It is outlined and I have begun, but now I need to buckle down and finish it!

Build my niche website

One of the things I really want to explore is building a niche website to see if (a) I can get it to rank in Google, and (b) get it to generate an income of some kind. Pat Flynn has talked a lot about building niche websites and he is my inspiration in this regard. I have a lot going on, so I just want to get the niche chosen (I have a few options I am mulling over) and the site built so that I can begin adding content.

Build our freelancing website

Kirsty and I are setting up a freelance writing business. We have chosen our business name, discussed the kinds of work we want to seek out and do, and are well on the way to completing the relevant paperwork that comes with creating a business. Getting the website built and propagated with the relevant information and details is on my to-do list.

Lose 3 kilograms

A couple of years ago I weighed over 100kg and managed to lose about 10 kilos. However, I lost motivation and and momentum. I have been hovering around 94kg for the last year. When I weighed myself this morning before writing my goals, however, I was surprised to find I had lost a little more weight and if I lose just 3kg I will be under 90 kilos for the first time in a very, very long time!

Take my wife on a date

One of the things I learned over the last couple of weeks was that it is really important for Kirsty and I to take time out for ourselves. Too often we scratch a half-hour here or there between errands, but it is hardly what you would call Quality Time. We are very reliant on our family to support us, looking after the kids and the like. We have never hired a baby sitter because two of our kids have special needs and we have been afraid that they will be too much work for someone else to handle – a ridiculous notion when said out-loud, but something that has held us back. I want to hire a babysitter, plan something romantic and take my wife on a date.

Approach 10 businesses regarding freelance writing projects

Honestly, by the end of Q2 I really hope I have approached a lot more than 10 businesses. When I first wrote this goal I actually said “I want to earn…” but a good goal needs to be something I am in control of, and I am not in control of whether someone hires me or how much they pay me. So, I will approach prospects and seek out work from 10 solid leads. Actually, that sounds much better and I am going to change the goal right now to: Cultivate 10 solid leads for freelance work.

So, there are my goals for the next few months. I had better get to work!