Smell the roses

When was the last time you just stopped to smell the roses?

How often do you stop to just look around and appreciate the beauty of where you live? Just stop for a few minutes and smell the roses? We live 20 minutes from the beach but probably only go there a couple of times a year. It is a ridiculous thing to admit, but we get so caught up in our daily routine that we just don’t take advantage of all the great things around us. Well, not this week!

An unexpected windfall of Kirsty’s recent illness is the opportunity for us to spend more time together. In fact, the Doctor was quite explicit in us taking time out for ourselves, to actually do something and not just sit around the house because we were both on sick leave. On Wednesday I took Kirsty on a surprise picnic to the beach. I snuck an esky into the car before the kids piled in ready for school and whispered to Kirsty to “Come with us, and pack some swimmers.”

We wandered the Newcastle foreshore and discovered some places we didn’t even know existed. We had a coffee at one of the fancy cafes overlooking the harbour, and we went for a swim at the ocean baths. A swim! I am not normally a fan of going for a swim because it means wrangling the kids and being on constant lookout for them, but today it was just Kirsty and I and it was glorious.

I also took the camera. Normally I feel self conscious about wandering around with a camera, but I decided that is just silly. So I slung it around my neck and snapped away. I took some awful pictures and some okay ones and it even started a conversation with the waitress at the cafe. My plan is to chuck the camera in there car wherever I go!