I must confess that I am struggling with focus at the moment, in all facets of my life. Ever since we returned from the US I have been flitting from one thing to another, trying to find THE ONE thing that I want to do for the foreseeable future.

I must confess that I have not been the most productive person during this period. To be completely honest I haven’t been all that productive since I left work last year. It’s not that I’m spending my days lazing about doing nothing. It’s more along the lines of bustling about doing a lot of things without much strategy or a plan for success. In other words expending a whole lot of energy with very little reward.

I’ve gone through the process of plotting out what I want to achieve from the blogs. I have started writing e-products to offer as opt-ins and also to sell. I have mapped out my plans for Double Scoop, my consultancy business that I decided to put on hold until my return from holidays. I’m reading books on online entrepreneurship and productivity. I have considered niche sites to develop with a view to earning passive income. I’ve begun my first draft of my guide for special needs parents. I’ve planned on starting a podcast for special needs parents. I’ve researched training opportunities to increase my knowledge of writing and consultancy.

I’m by no means short of ideas or enthusiasm. It’s just focus and direction that I seem to lack.

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I want to do it all. I want to blog but it really doesn’t hold the promise of the income that I need, even with plans to monetise and develop my own products. I love the idea of utilising my skills and experience to help others through Double Scoop but I have no idea where to start when it comes to setting up a consultancy. And I’m passionate about helping special needs parents but I’m not sure that is all that I want to be.

Some would say it’s a great position to be in. So much potential. So many options for growing an income from various streams.

But for me, the weight of having to decide which road to take and then the prospect of having to put aside things I’m really passionate about to make it work is lying heavy on my soul.

I love My Home Truths. I cannot niche it down. It needs to remain open so I can write whatever I wish. At the moment it’s heavy with albinism content (in the lead up to International Albinism Awareness Day on June 13) but there are some brand collaborations in the works and still lots of material to be sorted through from our trip. But I know I need to take a step back from it and remove it as my main priority. It will never be a huge source of income so it needs to go back to being a hobby. Which is hard because it is my passion and my true source of interest and drive. It is me and I love pretty much every moment I spend there.

I love the potential here at Smarter Happier. It is a dream brand. There are so many ways we could monetise here without going over the top. I have some products in development which will be a great test for how they will be received and which direction to take here. But I’ve never found it as easy or as natural to write here than at My Home Truths. And, yet again, the sheer number of options we can take here is overwhelming – so overwhelming that it has at times paralysed my writing. The harsh truth that it’s damn hard for most of us to make a living blogging also weighs on me – so I’m not convinced concentrating solely on Smarter Happier is the way to go either.

Now to Double Scoop (website still in development). On the surface this is the business with the greatest potential to produce the income we need. I envisage Double Scoop to be a consultancy with three main streams – writing, general consulting and projects – providing direct services and advice to businesses. Writing services would include editing, proofreading, writing and consultancy spanning copywriting, website content, blogging, reports, white papers, tender proposals, grant applications and assistance with other business documentation. Consultancy services would concentrate on helping businesses better interact with government agencies, particularly when addressing requests for tenders and general relationship/stakeholder management. Having a background in contract and project management would also allow me to provide businesses with a range of project services should they require assistance in planning and managing specific projects.

I know there are a lot of people out there providing similar services, some of whom have been in business for many years. Starting up my own business terrifies me and my confidence is not high after being out of the workplace for over 6 months now. However the challenge of solving problems for small business and being able to provide assistance is very appealing. The thought of not blogging as much or having the time to work on my own projects, however, is not as appealing.

I also have the opportunity to start up a niche site (i.e a site about a specific topic such as pugs or man bags or outdoor thermometers, etc) and see whether we can build that up to draw a supplementary passive income. Income is usually drawn from advertising and affiliate links in these sorts of sites which means you need a decent amount of traffic to earn anything. With this option there is a lot of work in the initial stages, again with no guarantee of success. This also worries me, given the level of effort required for the other options listed above and the fact this could never be the sole focus of income generation.

Ideally, I would love to be able to make a living from writing what I want to write, not what others pay me to write. But the reality is it’s tough to make money from writing. It’s not impossible, but it is tough. So I need to make a decision based on rational reasoning not just on gut instinct or personal preference.

My biggest challenge is believing in myself and in my ability to make the right decision. The secondary challenge is then following through and focusing on that goal when the decision is finally made. And then letting go of some of my other dreams and passions for a little while to give that goal a real chance to be attained.

Wish me luck as I work towards a solution. I have given myself a June 30 deadline for setting a direction, developing goals and making a business plan for whichever option I choose.

I just need to make that decision and then make it my sole focus.

Wish me luck!

Seeking help from the wonderful communities at I Must Confess, Mummy Mondays and Open Slather.