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Transitioning from the workplace. Yes, there is such a thing.

Maybe I’m naive, but I really didn’t think too much about managing my transition from work to home prior to taking the leap and accepting my redundancy.

Well, apart from some vague idea of having to revamp my wardrobe accordingly. Obviously a very important consideration but perhaps not THE most important in the scheme of things…

My lack of preparation is sort of strange as I had all sorts of plans in place for making the transition to the workplace after having each of my kids. Routines. Timetables. You name it, I planned it with military precision.

But, apart from planning to “ease myself into things” I haven’t exerted the same energy into managing my transition in the other direction.

So why? It’s a big change, as big a change as starting a job. And psychologically it’s possibly a harder transition as you move from a role with deadlines, purpose, expectations and accountability set by others for you to follow, to a reality where it’s all on you.

You are the boss. There’s nowhere else that the buck can stop. It’s all on you.

It still feels so surreal. I must confess I still feel on holidays. But I need to make plans and manage this transition properly so I can make the most of my opportunity to work at home and live a smarter as well as happier life.

I want this to work. I don’t want to lose my drive or the vision for why we are doing this. So I have decided to focus on three ways to manage my transition from the workplace.


I have commandeered the diary I used at work to note down daily tasks which is really helping me with the transition. It’s helps as I’m continuing to set tasks as I did before while using a tool I am familiar with. I find it’s a helpful way for me to bridge the gap between work and home.

Also the very act of noting down your tasks and crossing them off as you complete them can reinforce your focus and increase your motivation. Well, it does for me anyway, but that could just be me!

Setting tasks also fits in perfectly with my next strategy to set goals. Just ensure your tasks fit in with your overall goals – there’s no point exerting effort on tasks that will not get you any closer to achieving your end goal.


After a few weeks of consciously allowing myself to take the foot off the pedal I’m now focusing on harnessing my energy on setting new goals. Nathan has written about setting goals before – techniques that I am employing right now – and I have used them to set the following roadmap to achieve my goals.

Goal #1

Build up Smarter Happier so it can meet our vision to be the go-to resource for families seeking to make real and lasting change to their lives. I plan to achieve this goal by:

  • Creating great & consistent content.
  • Building an email list and attract subscribers.
  • Developing useful products for you to use in your own lives.
  • Providing first-hand knowledge of my experience as I take the leap from the workforce into home-based work.

Goal #2

Continue working on My Home Truths. After nearly four years, I have built up a loyal community whom I respect and love. I want to return to writing the posts that matter while still sharing my truths and confessions:

  • Continuing to host I Must Confess each Monday.
  • Researching and writing a series of posts on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Sharing more of our daily struggles caring for kids with special needs.
  • Building an email list.
  • Concentrating on Pinterest as a traffic referrer.

Goal #3

Develop my consultancy business Double Scoop with the aim of full launch in early 2015 by:

  • Developing a solid business plan.
  • Refining the website.
  • Crafting regular posts to provide evidence of my expertise and experience to prospective clients.
  • Taking on initial clients at a discount to gain testimonials and to perfect my delivery model.
  • Building an email list and attracting subscribers.


The final aspect of my transition strategy is looking at my attitude. Yes I am now at home but I’m not here to play – I’m here to work. What I plan to do at home is as important as anything that I did in my previous role in the workplace. I need to back myself and believe that what I do is worthy.

I have to be positive. I have to believe that I will succeed. I need to show my commitment to my goals by actions as well as words. I need to treat my writing as a business and give it the professionalism, attention and time it deserves.

And if you are transitioning away from the workplace, you need to do the same. Set tasks. Make goals. Adjust your attitude. Treat your transition from work to home as seriously as you would the other way around.

Make the change count. Take full advantage of this opportunity.

I know I am determined to!

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