Wanna Go Wednesday is here again and this week we are sharing Nathan’s top 10 bucket list – the places he’s desperate to see, the things he’s gotta do.

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Hey there! Here are my top ten places / things I want to do, my “bucket list” if you will. They aren’t in any particular order (after all, how could I choose?). Creating this list was an interesting exercise in self-reflection and I was genuinely surprised by some of the things that made the list. I would highly recommend you writing your own bucket list, considering the things you would really love to do – whether it is visiting a specific place or doing a particular activity.

Nathan’s Top 10 Bucket List Items (in no particular order!)


An accurate representation of what I would look like as an astronaut.

An accurate representation of what I would look like as an astronaut.

When I was a kid there were only two things I wanted to be – an astronaut and an archeologist. For a very long time it seemed that an “average kid”, particularly one with asthma and a slightly rotund figure, had no chance of ever leaving behind the Earth’s gravity. My dreams of joining Buzz Aldrin, Han Solo or Captain Kirk seemed as distant as my ability to ride a dinosaur. Today, however, there are many space tourism companies and the possibility for “average joes” (with well-padded wallets) to head into space is becoming increasingly possible. With a few million dollars yo can head to Russia for two week stay aboard the International Space Station, but companies like Virgin are working to make low orbit travel a more affordable and realistic prospect. Bring it on!

The Northern Lights

I like cold weather. When it gets chilly outside you can always put on an extra layer and snuggle with your favourite person. Perhaps that’s why the sights and spectacles in the far north of the world are just my cup of tea. The aurora borealis is, by all accounts, an amazing spectacle and I long to see the shimmering display of lights above me. The many (many) photos I have seen of the Northern Lights always amaze me and I look forward to taking some pictures of my very own.

The Pyramids

Now, Indiana Jones, Star Gate, a fascination with ancient mythology and an illustrated children’s encyclopaedia no doubt had a big influence on both my desire to be an archaeologist and to visit Egypt, but give a kid a break! As one of the wonders of the world, the pyramids have always been high on my list of places to visit. Though there is a good chance that a few hours under the Egyptian sun will turn my fair skin an unpleasant shade of red, the desire to see these ancient monuments is strong enough that I will risk it!

Machu Picchu

As I explained in this post, my Dad was lucky enough to make the journey to Machu Picchu and I was mighty jealous! While I fear you may think I spent most of my youth in front of the television, I have to admit my interest in this destination, and in much of South America, comes from a cartoon called The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Each episode would see the characters exploring the mysteries of the Incas, but my favourite part was the credits where a mini-documentary on some feature of Incan culture would be revealed. It was like a miniature David Attenborough film, in a more palatable, child-portioned chunk. I would watch with wide eyes and learn about keeping records with knots, the religious beliefs of the Incas, and the impact of the Spanish on the culture. The history is amazing, the landscape breathtaking – of course it made my bucket list.

I did not go to Lima, but my Dad did and I am surprised by how much his excitement and passion for the place has made me want to visit, too.

My Dad, at Machu Picchu. Lucky bastard.

Road Trip in a Combi-Van

Okay, so it’s a cliche, but I don’t care. To be honest, it doesn’t have to be a combi-van – a panel van, sprint van or a mini-van with a couple of sleeping bags would also satisfy my bucket list. The idea of cruising without a set destination, the ability to pull over whenever something interesting appeared from around a bend in the road – it’s all really quite appealing. I think we as a culture have created this mythology around the combi-van road trip, and it is one I have totally bought into. Of course, it may not be a practical dream when you are dragging three kids and two dogs along – it’s going to get very squishy!

Gorgeous pirate I be... yaaaar!

Gorgeous pirate I be… yaaaar!

Sail the Aegean

Speaking of the romance of cruising places…. I love the idea of a family sailing trip, even though I have no idea how to sail (apart from what little I have gleaned from all those pirate movies). I cannot think of a more ideal place to voyage than the sparkling blue waters of the Greek islands. I can picture in my mind’s eye the sun soaked hills and gleaming white walled villages overlooking the sea, friendly locals with cheerful grins and long, slow lunches… Ahhh…

Visit Walt Disney World (again!)

I’ve already been to Walt Disney World and I truly believe it is the happiest place on Earth! Part of me feels a little embarrassed to admit how much I want to go back, but big boys can love Disney too! Our family had so much fun visiting Disney World in Orlando. We spent eight days there exploring as much as we could, and I am still sure we only just scratched the surface. The plan really is huge, and they always seem to be expanding, adding, improving and finding new ways to dazzle visitors. I know theme parks (and particularly Disney ones) are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love the whole atmosphere and can’t wait to get back there.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Thinking about Disney World reminded me of this place. When you imagine a fairytale castle, with gleaming white walls and tall spires you are probably picturing Neuschwanstein Castle. It looks exactly like the castle from the original Sleeping Beauty film and is actually known as the “fairytale castle”. An astonishing looking castle atop a mountain, within a wood, in Bavaria? What is not to like about this place? Neuschwanstein Castle, you’ve made the list!

Indiana Jones in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (possibly the greatest documentary ever...)

Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (possibly the greatest documentary ever…)

Act in a Film

I was a teenager before I realised that I didn’t actually want to be an astronaut or an archaeologist – I wanted to be Harrison Ford! For the longest time I wanted to be an actor and I did my share of stage shows, but one thing lead to another and I became a drama teacher instead. I would love to act in a film, be a part of the crew, experience the process from the inside. It doesn’t have to be a starring role (but honestly, I’m leading man material), but would love to experience it just once.

Visit Antarctica

It’s so close, but so far away! As far as continents go, Antarctica has always fascinated me. The stories of the race to the South Pole, the fascinating division of territory and the incredible wildlife are all strong drawcords. As a bit of an introvert the isolation also holds an bit of an appeal – more than once I have come across advertisements for postmasters and other jobs in Antarctica and wondered if my family would miss me for six months!

The other huge bucket

Okay, there you have it, my top 10 bucket list. I thought I was going to end up with a massive list of places to visit and things to do that I would find impossible to cut down, but that wasn’t the case at all.What I actually ended up with was a long list of “stuff I would really like to do” and a shorter list of “things I better bloody do”. It was the second list that I shared above! There are a few other things on that second list that I didn’t have room for, like showing the kids Paris, taking a world cruise, and a hot air balloon ride over Africa, but I am sure I can share them another time.

This week we're sharing Nathan's top 10 bucket list - from space to Antarctica and everywhere in between! Which of these are on your list?

Are any of my top 10 things on your bucket list? I would love to hear what you dream of doing!