Australia & New Zealand

We love exploring our home country and have enjoyed many adventures together as a family. Favourites include caravan park stays, theme park days and good old family road trips (not sure if the kids agree with that last one though…!)

North America

The home of Disney (be warned – we are big Disney fans!), the USA won us over on our first trip there in 2015. From the famous LA skyline to the imposing Cape Canaveral, North America (including Canada and Mexico) is top of our international bucket list.


After flying to Singapore for a conference in 2019, getting back to Asia is a big priority for us. With a Japan trip on the horizon and the possibility of future stopovers in the region, we’re excited to see what Asia has in store for our family.  


Since our European honeymoon in 2000 (yes, we’re that old!) we’ve dreamed of heading back. Those plans were sadly derailed in 2020 (thanks to COVID), but we made up for it with a virtual flight to Munich followed with a culinary tour of Europe! 

Central and South America

Visiting the ruins of Mexico’s Cozumel on our first Caribbean cruise in 2015 opened our eyes to the history, beauty and culture of Central and South America. With Machu Pichu on Nathan’s ultimate bucket list, this is a continent we look forward to exploring. 


Who could pass up the chance to experience the beauty and wonder of the least populated continent on the planet? While we haven’t experienced it yet, we have grand plans to visit Antarctica for Nathan’s 50th in 2027 – stay tuned!


The islands of the Pacific are firmly in our sights (especially Vanuatu and New Caledonia). Think palm trees, clear water and tropical adventure. It’s what dreams are made of – and we’re ready to make our dream a reality in 2023!

Africa & the Middle East

Apart from a brief stopover in Dubai back in the 90s, we haven’t yet had the chance to visit the Middle East or Africa. But with a shared love of history, it’s only a matter of time before we finally see the pyramids of Egypt or the famed ancient city of Petra in the flesh. 

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